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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Disposable Camera Still Exist

On my last trip to Japan, I found something that bring back some memories. I cannot believe it these are still on sales.

It is FujiFilm disposable Camera!

These was spotted at a departmental store at one corner. Apparently FujiColor edition disposable camera is a limited edition for their 30th Anniversary edition!

It comes with FujiColor film loaded inside with flash and batteries. It comes with 27 film roll! I was so tempted to get one of it since it was 980 Yen.... Not too sure when this is send to develop will I still get to keep the shell. Thus I gave it a missed.

On the shelves there are other FujiFilm disposable Camera selling at 680 Yen.

And all the way by itself, I spotted a ILFORD Black & White Camera selling at 1,540 Yen. Apparently Black & White film are more costly...

Not too sure how long actual film going to be in the market but apparently there are photographer who prefer Film than digital.

What do you think of Film and Digital?

Monday, July 25, 2016

Singapore Digital TV FTA Channel Frequency

If you are frustrated that digitally you cannot search the frequency and wanted to manually set it on your digital TV box in Singapore. Here are the frequencies for your reference.

Channel DVB-C (If you using Starhub cable) DVB-T DVB-T2
Channel Frequency Channel Frequency Channel Frequency
Channel 5 102 642.00 38 610.00
Channel 8 103 642.00 38 610.00
Suria 104 642.00
Vasantham 105 642.00
Channel U 107 642.00 27 522.00
Okto 108 562.00
CNA 106 642.00 38 610.00
Channel 5 HD 155 370.00 38 610.00 29 538
Channel 8 HD 154 514.00 31 554
Suria HD 116 514.00 29 538 29 538
Vas HD 156 514.00 26 514 31 554
Okto HD 183 514.00 33 570 27 522
CNA HD 184 514.00 27 522
Channel U HD Coming soon

DVB-C stands for "Digital Video Broadcasting - Cable" and it is the DVB European consortium standard for the broadcast transmission of digital television over cable.

DVB-T is an abbreviation for "Digital Video Broadcasting — Terrestrial"

DVB-T2 is an abbreviation for "Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation Terrestrial"; it is the extension of the television standard DVB-T

If this is helpful let me know. ;)

Friday, July 31, 2015

Google Domains is Coming

Who would have thought Google will be doing domain but it make sense when you think about it.

Finally after years of being in the internet business, Google is rolling out Google Domain. (currently in BETA)

It offers privacy of who is for free and Google analytic to be in the service as well. Google do provide it's good security and you can have subdomain and up to 100 email for your domain name! You can read more of the feature at the following link

For a .com it is priced at USD$12.00. You may see other pricing of domain at the following link.

The downside is currently it is only open to US resident address or anyone having a US credit card.

There are currently no plan that this will be open up to other part of the world but I am hopeful if Google can do it soon.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Painting in my Mind Guitar Chords

This song is from Tommy Page back in the 1990s. 

G                 C
Picture this, You and me
G                                          C
Walking down a white sand Beach
G                                                         C                        D
We're holding hands The warm winds blow  we're all alone
G                                 C
All these dreams are fantasies
G                                 C
They're not real, not reality
          Em                   Bm
and now I cry over you, nearly die over you
And all these bits and pieces of us that I try to find,
D             G            C
Are only paintings in my mind (paintings in my mind)

C        G                   C                        D
faded memories of another place and time
                G         Em       C                      G
we were happy as can be you were loving me and
Am                                       D                                               G
now it's just an image that I find like the paintings in my mind

G             C
When you left I fell apart,
         G                              C
I was torn, you broke my heart

Em                   Bm
and now I cry over you, nearly die over you
And all these bits and pieces of us that I try to find,
D             G            C
Are only paintings in my mind (paintings in my mind)

C        G                   C                        D
faded memories of another place and time
                G         Em       C                      G
we were happy as can be you were loving me and
Am                                       D                                               G
now it's just an image that I find like the paintings in my mind

Em                       Bm                 C
Impressions of the way it was long ago
D                             E  (Here onward all chords for G to A)   
somewhere back in time

 If you like this, let me know so I can do more. :)

Friday, April 10, 2015

Xiaomi Mi Headphone Review

Just this Tuesday Xiaomi was having their anniversary the Mi festival and they roll out their first ever headphone, Mi Headphone. I managed to get one to try it our myself. My online queue up helps and within 3 days of my order, it was delivered to me in Singapore.

The device came in a white rectangle box with nothing much on it.

The headphone comes in a well soft foam box with the headphone in it .

Interesting you would notice the cable was not fixed fitted on the headphone. For the left it is in White while the other was Red.

You may want to notice it comes with a volume control with a mic in it.

The headphone allow folding for simple storage on the go...

The top of the hanger are made of soft leather looking that give good cushion of the weight of this headphone.

It offer good coverage adapter like the twin that used on airline while the bigger one is more on Audio Hifi .

All you need to do is simply insert the cable in color coded.

If you wondering how would you tell the left or right, the wording was applied on the headphone cushion.

This is an open headphone which mean if you play loud enough, what you are hearing.

There a number of option for the ear cushion. which you can turned the accessories.

Here is how the naked speaker look like.

With that you can replace it to a sponge cushion...

Fitting the headphone with sponge cushion is good but I prefer the original that come with it as I find it too hard and after long period of wearing it get heavier....

It also come with the over ear option which cut out most of noises and seems comfortable initially....

After an hour wearing this option, I find the temperature of the ears is increasing and I have let it air for awhile.

For the price of SGD $119 this headphone I find it worth it as the sound quality is good.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

PS4 Remote Play on Non-Sony Android device

When I got my PS4, I read something about Remote Play and that at first got me excited as that would certainly be helpful if I am at home and want to play my PS4 but other family member are watching the TV.

It was short lived when I read further that feature of Remote play only for Sony Android phone. However that don't seems to be the case for now.

The latest Remote play APK can be download at the following link allow most of the Android 4.2 to 4.4 devices to have this feature of remote play.  I have try it on my Non-rooted Android phone and it works!

*Working on Redmi Android 4.2

The speed of the smoothness very much depend on your internet connectivity of your PS4 and your mobile phone. I original thought the connection was direct in a local network but I was wrong. What it does was the Android phone connect the PS4 thru the world wide web (internet).

That mean you can be away from home and still connect your PS4. I have not try playing any game thru the app as I know my connectivity seems unstable on my end.

It kind of missed my expectation like the connectivity should be more of the intranet so the speed is faster and anyone can play at home when someone want to watch the TV while you are playing.

*PS4 Shadow of Mordor on Remote play

I am not certain how beneficial this App is if it did go thru the internet or other gateway that may reduce the speed.

You may try it out and see if that fit your need.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Toshiba’s NFC SD card coming

Near Field Communication aka NFC have been around for sometime and it is wildly use on advertising and some payment. In fact some of the smart phone are having this feature for more than a year.

Toshiba is using this technology on their SD card and it indeed something useful as if you want to check out some stuff on your SD to see if it is there, you just need that on your NFC and place it near the SD card and you should able to see what is inside. To do that, you do need an App on your android device (sorry Apple fan for now).

Do note that the SD over NFC is only for preview purposes and not data transfer as that would take more than NFC bandwidth.

If you must know, NFC is more like bluetooth that limited in bandwidth. It is one good usage of NFC anyway as the SD card do not need power source by itself.

You should able to see this in a few months to come.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Nexus 5 Lollipop upgrade experience

Just a few day ago, my Nexus 5 has upgrade the long awaited Android version 5 Lollipop update and it change much of the way I was familiar with KitKat. It's a good and a bad thing actually. Here's my Lollipop on my Nexus 5.

The update was prompted over the air...I did set my choice to do so when connected to WiFi.

Here are some things I like and don't like and how I overcome some of the changes by personal preference...

After the full upgrade was done, I check out the Easter egg of this version that usually found in the Phone Setting > Android version by tabbing continuously at that area. It will appear a Lollipop that you can use your finger to move around the screen like you are licking it and it will soon direct you to a mini-game which work like Flappy bird but this time is lollipop as pipe and the bird was a Android.

I didn't play long as I am busy looking what is new.

One thing I like was the keyboard now have bigger key area. I is easier for me to use my fat thumb to type the wordings.

Now here are a few things I don't really like. First the phone contact now do not offer you to create new contact account on the device itself. By default all contact are now sync with Google.

The Gallery in Kitkat was removed in Lollipop. Instead they replace Google Photo for that. The first thing I did was select the Auto-Backup option  to be OFF. If you did not do that, all of your photo you have taken send to the cloud server as backup which I am not certain. The recent report that some celebrities in nude due to their photo stored in cloud was no longer secure.

Now that being said, it is too much trouble to go many clicks to see the photo on your device as how it was with Gallery Apps was suppose to be. To resolve that, go to Google play and download this Apps call Quickpic. That will offer allow you on how the application is like.

They have upgrade to the latest chrome and all the tab are separated. I personally prefer how it was and thank God there was a work around.first select the Setting...  

Then select the Merge Tabs and Apps.   

Finally I can get back the familiar tab display all in one app view .

I noticed that the battery seems to be improved but I still having teething issue in term of user experience as I was rather used to KitKat. Will update more on my experience.